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Key Indicators

  • First Quarter 2017
  • Annual Building Material Prices Statisics 2016
  • Annual Consumer Price index 2016
  • Second Quarter 2017
  • Agricultural Producers Price index March2016
  • Exports and Imports Unit Value Index Fisrt Quarter 2017
  • Statistical Yearbook Of Abu Dhabi 2017
  • Third Quarter 2017
  • Sustainable Development Indicators 2017
  • Livestock Statistics 2016
  • Agricultural Producers Price index June 2016
  • Fourth Quarter 2017
  • Marriage and Divorce Statistics 2016
  • Agricultural Producers Price index September 2016
  • Exports and Imports Unit Value Index Third Quarter 2017

What is Big Data?

The United Nations describe Big Data as “data sources with a high volume, velocity and variety of data, which require new tools and methods to capture, curate, manage, and process them in an efficient way.”

While Big Data may exist in both government and non-government organisations, the scope of SCAD’s Big Data project is limited to non-government data sources. Potential new government data sources are currently being explored as part of SCAD’s Administrative Data project.

The criteria for SCAD using Big Data will be:

  • it must improve the accuracy/timeliness of existing Official Statistics, or
  • It will create new testable Official Statistics.

Examples of Big Data may include: financial transactions, interactions through social media, search terms from internet search engines, mobile phone data, retail price data, weather and pollution sensors, and many more... Read more

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